The first wealth-building platform for Hispannials

We exist to empower Millennial and Gen Z US Hispanics to achieve financial prosperity through our dedicated wealth-building platform, accelerating their journey to wealth.

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Financial Platform

Welcome to Hispanic-Centered Banking.

Our goal is to provide U.S. Hispanics with the best that banking has to offer them.

We achieve this by:

  1. Identifying inequality gaps in the banking system for Hispanics.
  2. Assessing key barriers to financial prosperity for Hispanics.
  3. Understanding the core needs of Hispanics from financial institutions.
  4. Listening to Hispanics’ life goals and objectives.
  5. Enabling financial products, services, and experiences that align with all of these.


Empowering Ecosystem

Moving our community forward by empowering each individual.

Beyond offering financial products, we cultivate a thriving environment to enhance your financial skills, habits, and knowledge.

Join us to access our content library, financial literacy academy, and personal financial lifestyle coach, all designed to help you set and achieve your life goals and objectives.

*imCoach, *imLibrary, *imAcademy is not offered by Mbanq’s Bank partners. It is instead offered and managed by imFinancial


Community Platform

Progress for our community, with our community.

Explore the meaningful topics, places, and events that bring the im Hispanic community together.

Witness the collective progress of the Latino community through our platform of physical locations, special events, support for Latino businesses, and initiatives aimed at advancing all of us forward.

Experience human-to-human personalized assistance.

im Physical locations where our community manifests as an empowered and engaged group.

The place to get the human to human support most digital banks don’t have.

Celebrating and promoting
Hispanic culture.

We love to get together to meet, collaborate, and even celebrate our culture.

Don’t miss out on our FinTalks, Masterclasses, and exclusive concerts featuring top Latino artists!

Participate in forward-moving initiatives for the Hispanic community.

Gathering the community around initiatives that evidence we are moving forward.

Follow up, support, or even enroll in Hispanic prosperity activities.

Boosting local Latino businesses and community engagement.

Supporting local latino businesses and connecting them with their local community.

Explore latino businesses in your city, vote on the latino business of the month, and get exclusive discounts.

We believe Hispanics transcending into one of the wealthiest communities in America is inevitable... We are just here to help that happen faster.

Why we do this?

At im financial, we are driven by the vision of Hispanics becoming one of the most prosperous communities in America.

Our purpose is to supercharge this transformation, helping you achieve financial success faster and more efficiently.

Join us in this empowering journey to prosperity.

How we do it?

We are dedicated to designing from, and for the Hispanic lifestyle.

Deeply attuned to the inequalities, needs, and aspirations of the Hispanic community, we continuously strive to gain a profound understanding of these aspects and then create innovative solutions that precisely address what our community yearns for.

What does your financial
lifestyle future look like?

Let your voice and ideas shape the future of banking and the financial lifestyle of Hispanics.

When you share your challenges and aspirations with us, you play a crucial role in helping us create the Hispanic-centered financial opportunities our community needs.

Over 75% of the respondents said that:

“I want to find true and sustainable ways to save for the best education I can get.”

More than half of the respondents said that:

“I want to be visible and elegible for credit, even if I lack credit history.”

Making Hispanics great
financial future arrive faster

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Welcome aboard!

We just need a few more details to get you all set up.

Welcome aboard!

We just need a few more details to get you all set up.