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Credit-Ready Graduates

A free online masterclass for students to graduate with better credit score.

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This masterclass offers an actionable 2-year plan designed to help you leave college with a solid FICO score – the stepping stone to better credit opportunities.

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Here's what you'll learn.
About the course.

1. Introduction: Getting Everyone on the Money Map

  • Financial Inclusion: What it is and why it should matter to you NOW!
  • Snapshot: Who’s in and who’s out in the money world.
  • Bigger Picture: How missing out banking can affect our growth.

2.Financial savvy youth: Master the basics, master them early

  • Money Matters basics: Understand interest, inflation, and money time value.
  • Starting out: Banks, budgeting, savings, and money tools.
  • Money Tool: Budgeting 101 exercise.

3. FICO: Decoding the famous score

  • What’s FICO?: … and WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL?
  • The making of the Score: What goes into that number?
  • Reading the SCORE: What’s great, good, and needs some work?

4. College and Credit: Getting the Credit Game right

  • Why care about Credit in College: How Financial inclusion is also about proactivity.
  • Building Good Credit, an actionable plan: Your roadmap to a great credit score.
  • Keeping an eye out: Checking your credit report, and getting it!

5. Using Credit: And understanding Debt

  • Good Debt: Loans and credit that helps you grow.
  • Avoiding ‘Bad’ Debt: Recognizing money traps (and predatory products).
  • Refinance: Now we are talking!

6. Credit After College: Making Credit work for your future

  • Aiming right: Where should your score be right after college?
  • Using ‘Good’ Credit: How a strong score can open doors early in your career?
  • Common Money Hurdles: Issues money graduates face (and ways to tackle them).

Designed to provide you with an actionable plan for creating better credit opportunities today.

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But most important, here’s what you’ll get

1. A Strong Financial Foundation:

Imagine graduating from college with a robust credit history, paving the way for endless financial opportunities. That’s the kind of impact we’re talking about—empowering you to start your post-college journey with confidence.

Meet your Host
Rodrigo Acuña

im financial CFO and cofounder, NYU alumni.

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Credit-Ready Graduates Masterclass is part of im financial FinTalks, events hosted by im financial to gather our community together to build a better financial future together,

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Not your typical CFO; he's a financial visionary with a passion for demystifying finance for the younger generation.

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Hello, I'm Rodrigo, and I'm passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their financial destinies.

One of my favorite things is demystifying finance for younger generations. That's why I invite you to join my masterclass, "Credit-Ready Graduates," where you'll learn how to make credit work for your financial future starting NOW!

Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to graduate from college with better financial prospects.

I'll be eagerly awaiting your participation on November 8, 2023

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Rodrigo Acuña, originally from Mexico, arrived in the US a decade ago, experiencing firsthand the financial challenges and hurdles that come with being a Hispanic immigrant.

He not only overcame these obstacles but also used financial services to fund his master's degree at NYU. Along the way, he shared his knowledge by teaching financial inclusion classes, as well as microeconomics classes at NYU.

Rodrigo's deep empathy and personal understanding of these challenges make him an ideal educator for young generations, showing them how to navigate and leverage financial services to their advantage.

With extensive experience at McKinsey & Company, Morgan Stanley, and Bank of America Securities, Rodrigo has managed portfolios exceeding $2.4 billion in assets from Latin American investors.

His expertise spans Banks, Insurance Companies, Depositories, FinTech, and Specialty Finance.

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